The role of promotion in marketing.

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Promotion is one of the major "tools" used in Marketing. Marketers usually use promotion to communicate and inform the public of their product. Promotion is also however used to influence the marketers target market usually via means of interpellation, promoting their product as better than any other similar products, or by changing the views, awareness, beliefs and feelings of perspective customers. When the marketer uses interpellation, he will be promoting his product with the help of someone famous for example. When the prospective buyers see this famous person using the product, he or she will hopefully want this product as well, due to the famous person using it. Marketers also promote their product as the number one product to…show more content…
Adverts are seen every day, spread from radio, television, newspaper, magazines, billboards, cars, T-shirts, Blimps. Internet ect. Sales promotion is a more "post rewarding" form of promotion, this is due to the sales promotion happening, such as the product selling at half price, he company will suffer some loss unless sales double. However after the sale when prices return to normal, hopefully more people tried the product due to the sale, and now there is a larger number of consumers, which means an increase product sales. Sales promotions also include event sponsorship, demos, contests, samples, in store displays, discounts and coupons. These all try to give the public a small "taste" of the product, hopefully making them want more and buy the product, which will increase the sales. Public relations is a communication based form of promotion. It tries to rather give the company and product a good name, for example people will see the company sponsoring charitable events, and there for want to support them for doing good. Public relations devices such as newsletters, annual reports, lobbying, charitable events ect are also used to help increase sales. Publicity is also a form of public relations, it is however not paid for by the company concerned, so it would be a free, as long as it is positive publicity as the company has no control over what is said about them. So as we can see promotion plays a large role in marketing, as
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