The 's Own Space At Derry

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RB has their own space at Derry so they can create event to promote their brand. They can use website or other social media to promote their events. From my survey, responder want to know the news from Facebook, email, and twitter, so they can create event on Facebook and ask their target market to join their event. When they have someone click join their event, friend of people who click it also can see it. It helps spread events and gets more people to join. At the event, the owner can ask for other local owners who want to promote their product such as homemade sausage, ham or cheese to join this event. It is not only promoting their brand, it is also helping other local product too. Moreover, they can ask for some music brands that want to present or show to join. This campaign will create a good memory for people who come to join our event. The events can create once a month to help people awareness of RB and it is also increase sale number of RB beer. 2. Virtual tour On the website and Facebook, the owner update only picture of them, beer and taproom. Picture might not attract target market to visit their taproom. Making virtual tour or clip video can help target market take quick tour of RB and create first impression anywhere and anytime that they want. This tactics give an idea of atmosphere of RB and what they will gain when they visit to RB. This campaign is creating for our main target market that is millennium generation who prefer to use computer or internet
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