Week 4: Advertising Assessment

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Advertising Assessment For week four Learning Team A has chosen scenario one to focus their team assignment around. Team A has also decided to create a storyboard and PowerPoint as their catalysts to present their work. The objective was to create an electronic advertisement to attract consumers to the restaurant and a print advertisement to help support the new brand identity with a younger male demographic. Through this process it was learned that it is important to have a strong advertisement strategy and message strategy to help pin-point the exact demographic you want to target, and what type of message you would want to use to obtain their business. Lastly, the role that media convergence played in the decision making of the group will also be discussed.
Electronic & Print Media for Scenario Learning Team A chose to create a print design layout as the print media for scenario one. This print media was chosen because it can easily be display around
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Plainly, a message strategy is the main avenue one takes to deliver a message theme. The three message strategies are: Conative strategies, Cognitive Strategies, and Affective strategies. A Conative strategy is meant to lead to a consumer response. For instance take coupons, you mail out a coupon and the consumer response would be the consumer redeeming that coupon. Cognitive strategy is a message meant to show the attributes of a product to the consumer. For example, any commercial that shows how a product can benefit your life by using it, for example The Swiffer commercials. Affective strategy is a strategy used to draw out the emotion of your consumer towards the service or product you are advertising. This strategy is used to connect a product with a consumer experience. This form of advertising creates stronger ties between the product and the consumer (Clow & Baack,
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