Theme Of Thralldom In A Mockingbird

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Charly Frisk
Corrie Grosse
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PDP – Words and Allusions

Look up three words that you don’t know and write down their meanings.
Deus Absconditus (pg. 9) - According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, these two words form together to mean, “hidden God, God who in his remoteness seems to ignore human suffering”
Unscrupulous (pg. 33) - According to, this word means “not scrupulous (moral or ethical standards; having or showing a strict regard for what one considers right; principled); unrestrained by scruples; conscienceless; unprincipled.”
Thralldom (pg. 71) - defines “thralldom” as “the state of being a thrall (person who is morally or mentally enslaved by some power, influence, or the like); bondage; slavery; servitude.”

List and briefly describe two things that Annie Dillard describes in extreme detail – things that a casual observer would have completely missed.
Annie Dillard extensively describes the complex decent of a mere mockingbird - how the mockingbird descends with grace as it falls off the building, wings pinned to its side, until the very end of the journey from the four-story drop when the wings spread and the bird lands safely. Dillard notes that she is alone in watching the bird’s performance and reflects upon phycology - comparing the “if a tree falls in a forest and no one can hear it, does it still make a sound” to her own interpretation of beauty, explaining that with or without an audience to witness the
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