Theories And Management Concepts As Solutions For Managing Challenges

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There are two predominant HRM models: soft model and hard model. Any bias towards one of which could lead to serious problems. While Fredrick Taylor’s scientific management represents the hard model, the soft model is best described with Elton Mayo’s human relations approach. The purpose of this essay is to address several theories and management concepts as solutions for managing challenges. The following is a case study of Alex, an administration manager of an organization called Active Aging Today (AAT). In this essay, the problem identification is firstly presented, followed by the problem analysis. Finally, certain alternatives are suggested to improve the situation.

One of the most notable challenges that AAT faces is the …show more content…

While “retention refers to the practices and process used to retain staff” (Clegg et al. 2011), staff development is the processes designed to help employees foster their skills and broaden their knowledge. Regarding retention, the main criteria of AAT to retain an employee, rather than his/her performance, is whether he/she has been with the organisation for many years. Meanwhile, not every long-tenure employee is worth retaining. In this case, most long-commitment workers “are the most effective blockers of change in the organization. They use their power and relationships to avoid or slow the uses of new technology” (Sullivan, 2005). The mechanism of AAT, which never dismisses anyone, is also one of the reasons contributing to the workers’ lack of incentive to self-improve. This implicit tradition gives the staff members the entitlement to think that they have secured the job and no more need to improve their skills. In addition, instead of incorporating retention with staff development, the higher management has a tendency to neglect the latter one. Workers’ training and orientation are not mentioned; thus, the personnel would not know exactly what they are expected to perform. It is the absence of this sector that discourages the improvement and self-motivation of the staff.

Some measures can be taken to alleviate these problems. The most important course of action – which should be implemented immediately - is paying employees by

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