Theories Of Motivation And Motivation Theories

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To a large extent, needs of theories of motivation are still relevant to contemporary management practice. Theories of motivation are important as it helps managers to understand their employees’ needs of motivations, and to motivate their employees to perform and excel better. There are several motivation theories; this essay will briefly explain six major theories of motivation and discuss three of the theories in more detail. This essay will also explain the needs theories of motivation, and will focus on how these motivation theories have been widely used to motivate employees in the organisations. Then this essay will further explore on how they are still relevant up to date.


There are several theories of motivation, but among those, Herzberg, Maslow, Adams, McClelland, Odiorne and Vroom’s theories are the major theories of motivation. Herzberg two-factor theory affirms that some factors cause job satisfaction, while other factors cause job dissatisfaction. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs helps managers to understand the needs of their employees and their motivations of work, which will assist the managers to motivate their workers even more. John Adams states that on his equity theory, individuals will make some certain comparisons that will affect stability of their mind and feeling about rewards towards a job, which will resulted in changes in motivations and behaviour. David McClelland three-needs theory claims that people have three basic needs,…
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