There Are Many Types Of Video Games From Fighting, Shooting,

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There are many types of video games from fighting, shooting, learning and even building. Video Games have been played for many years around the United States since the television was first created. Since 2000 video games have improved exponentially and have seen a lot of increase in profit over the years. As the years go by more and more video games are being produced and being played by many people around the United States. With a lot of people purchasing these games there is a lot of money rolling in to game creators and sellers. “Americans alone spent $22.4 billion on games, hardware and accessories in 2014, according to Entertainment Software Association” (Ault 1). Not only are more video games being bought but there are more people…show more content…
For many years video games enthusiast have spoke out and said that well-designed games may impact learning through solo play. Video games are also good at motivation from their reinforcing reward systems (Ault 3). Meaning that people began to learn better when they are rewarded from the good work that they do from playing educational video games. Playing by themselves help them focus more on what they are doing and take in more than playing with others (Ault 3). They are less likely distracted from outside forces. Some studies on seeing if video games can help learning have shown to have positive feedback. Good Principles for learning have shown to come from well designed video games because they offer players “strong identities, makes players think like scientist, lower the consequences of failure, enable players to practice challenges until they get it right; and encourage players to think about relationships, instead of just isolated facts and events” (Ault 3). Many game enthusiast have also said that video games improve thinking. Educational video games cause the player to think and react to the obstacles and challenges that the game provides (Ault 4). With the option of repeating things in these types of games it leaves room for error and for the player to keep trying until they get it right. With most games ranking the player on their performance it makes you want to work harder to be the

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