There Five Major Learning Types.

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There are five major types of learning theories. These five theories are; social learning theory, cognitive development theory, progressive education and other philosophies, social development theory, and attribution theory. Each one a different idea on learning and a different way it can be used in the classroom.

The first of these theories is social learning. This meaning a student learns the context threw social interaction. Through group activities the lessons are taught. Also learning through other forms of public activities. All the while the student is receiving feedback and suggestions not only from the teacher but from his or hers peers as well.

When talking about social learning there are quite a few different things
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When each student had completed each assignment binds them together in a book and share them with the class. Have each student pick a location they thought was interesting and right a review. This would teach each student about many different locations while showing them the actually research a person would do if they wanted to take a vacation to a foreign place. Lee Vygostky believed that social interaction always precedes development. Unlike Jean Piaget, Vygostky thought that each person went through each stage two times. That everyone went first through the stages socially, later by themselves on their own level. He also believed that students should play an active role in the learning experience. This actually promotes learning between both the teacher and the student. It gives the student a chance to share his or hers knowledge with others instead of always be taught. This helps with the students themselves teaching each other to an extent. By exchanging and sharing their knowledge. In the class room we can set up many activities to express this learning style. With the social interaction we start to think of many group activities but the catch in this is to have an individual learning process involved as well. Such as in a science fair, having groups of two or three completing one project together. Collecting results and showing the information gathered. Then to challenge the results have each student t complete the experiment on their own.
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