Thesis Statement On Gun Control

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Over the course of the fall semester, I intend to develop a strong, yet demanding, argument that supports my ideas and efforts to make a long lasting affect on the residents living in Saint Louis. My advocacy project consists of informing the Saint Louis Mayor, Lyda Krewson, on issues pertaining to gun control in the St.Louis metro area and eventually persuade her to look into designing more efficient background checking systems for individuals wanting to bear arms.
I have been living in the Saint Louis area for seventeen years, and I have witnessed the consequences caused by the loose regulation of guns. Many guns, including military-grade weapons, have been circulating into the wrong hands of individuals in the region. Because of this, the crime rate in the Saint Louis area has been on the rise as well. As a St.Louis resident, I am often informed of the harsh results related to gun violence; News stations throughout the region report the jarring records of deaths and other injuries related to firearms. As months progress, I started to realize that my city was making a turn for the worst. Gun control, being a relevant social issue in St.Louis, was affecting not just the victims, but the families, friends, and the overall communities. I started to ponder why my hometown was having such a massive issue over guns. Although I have not been personally affected by gun violence, I do not want to become a bystander to these casualties.Rather, I desire to improve this issue

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