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Harlequin Paper: “This Lullaby”

February 23, 2013

In This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen, Remy Starr is a cynical high school graduate eager to embark on her future and leave behind her past, not looking for love at all. She has seen her mother go through four previous marriages and is headed on to the fifth. She never knew her father and the only thing he left behind for her was an old song. The cynic in her is challenged when she meets Dexter, a boy who forces her to change her perspectives on love and life itself. With the family example she has had when it comes to love, the role of social networks is key in the progression of Remy’s past relationships and Remy and Dexter’s current relationship.
When Remy meets Dexter, she is at a …show more content…

She has learned from her mother that love does not last and it is not worth it to try and make things work; she sees something wrong in every guy she dates. She makes up excuses to avoid prolonging the relationship and she never stays tied down for too long. This summer, when she meets Dexter, her excuse is that she will be leaving for Stanford in the fall and she does not want a summer fling tying her down and forcing her to come back to her past. In reality, she is just scared that she will get burned by love and refuses to see where it leads.
When she meets Dexter, a boy who is determined to win her heart, she treats him the same as she has treated all of the other guys she has dated in the past but new feelings arise. These feelings begin to scare her since she is not used to them and slowly she begins to revert back to her old ways. Dexter tries to break the hard shell that she formed and while it begins to crack, she tries to build it back. She finds herself doing things for him that she would not normally do for a temporary relationship such as cleaning his room, washing his dog, and buying him silverware for his house. Her friends begin to notice and they question what she is doing and why she is doing it. Her friends, while not the main social network that is driving her doubts and feelings about love, play a small role in the relationship she holds with Dexter. They begin to tell her that they think she is too invested in him and that she needs to work

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