Thomas Jefferson And Alexander Hamilton

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Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton set the path for the two-party system of government we have today in the United States. In the 1790s, the Federalists were led by Hamilton and leading the Republicans was Thomas Jefferson (Bethel University, 2004). Many differences distinguished the two parties. The visions each person had for governing the states was compromised by the events leading up to the systems establishments and the later roles of wars, like the War of 1812, and national organization of parties (Bethel University, 2004). In 1790s, political parties called the Federalist and Republicans were establishing to grant a persistent division of nationally organized government that led to what we have today in the United States (Bethel University, 2004). Both parties divided the people based on wealth, power, diplomatic support, and opposing concerns of how the government should be ingrained in America. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton both had deep-rooted convictions on how the political state of our country should be handled and managed. This led to the separation of the people who would either support the Federalist or the Republicans. The Federalist, led by Alexander Hamilton, emerged and they believed on the federal government could inspire the confidence among the people to create a strong and thriving economy (Bethel University, 2004). They leaned on the ratification of the Federal Constitution to provide the evidence to
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