Three Forces Of Globalization

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.Explain the following forces of globalization and how they can impact identity: Trade- Trade is an exchange of goods to get products that we cannot make ourselves and which are either cheaper or found in better shape somewhere else in the world.It also connects countries which makes global partnership.Trade can impact identity in many ways because without it we wouldn't be able to have all of the things/products we use/depend on everyday.Even if it's from food to technology we rely on trade is important in life and identity. Transportation- This a force of globalization because it speeds up the process.Without transportation,global trade and travel wouldn't be available for us. This affects identity because we use this everyday in our life,some people won't be able to go anywhere if transportation wasn’t available for ex: some people only have a bus to travel; and if we don't have that then we wouldn't be able to go to places. Communication technology- This is a force of globalization which allows us to stay in touch on a global basis. This affects our identity because without this we wouldn't be balt to stay in touch with our foreign relatives.If I didn't have the understanding of their different points of view,our identity and worldview would be very different. Media- Is the information we are given through tv,newspaper and internet.This keeps us up to date on the current events worldwide,which brings us closer to the world.This affects our identity because we use

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