Throughout My Life I Have Struggled With My Weight, Depression,

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Throughout my life I have struggled with my weight, depression, anxiety, and attention defecit disorder. I have narcolepsy, which causes me to always be tired. If I didn’t exercise, I would be so much more tired. It’s amazing to read all the many ways exercise affects the body in a positive way. Regular exercise helps with alertness in people of all ages. Regular exercise by a pregnant mother can even help with the brain development of the newborn. John Hatey is a selfless, generous, heroic man who found a problem and needed to solve it. Why are kids in Physical Education not actually exercising and then falling asleep in classes? Book Choice The book I chose to read and review is “Spark the revolutionary new science of exercise and the…show more content…
It is selfless, heroic, and generous of him to do the research in order to help students. In the end, more people were educated on his theories of the benefits of exercise and this information helped them as well. John Ratey believed a P.E. class was pointless for children. Many were shy and didn’t partake in the activities. He noticed the alertness and higher grades of the students that did participate and wanted to help the students who weren’t very alert and had poor grades. His selflessness is very admirable. He didn’t perform case studies at several different schools for himself, but to help others. I knew exercise was beneficial in lowering depression, boosting your immune system, and a really great de-stressor. I didn’t know the impact it has on newborns whose mothers exercised regularly throughout pregnancy. There’s a lot of arguments about the safety of exercising while pregnant. James Clapp, an obstetrician and professor of reproductive biology at Case Western Reserve University, did a case study with 65 newborns who were each 5 days old; 34 newborns whose mother exercised regularly throughout pregnancy and 31 newborns whose mother did not. The newborns of the active mother scored better in 2 out of 6 tests. These newborns were able to calm themselves better after a loud noise or visual disturbance, and they were more responsive to stimuli. Clapp believed the brain of the newborn of an active mother was more developed. When the
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