Tic Tac 's Marketing Strategy

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Although the Ferrero Group has been successful with re-inventing Tic Tac 's brand to help meet the needs of consumers and stay a top competitor in the market, it is crucial that Tic Tac reinvent themselves again so that they are able stay relevant as well as top competitor in the breath mint market. As the case study explains, Tic has been re-invented using various strategies, multiple locations around the world and numerous employees to help make each re-launch successful. Launched in 1969 and owned by the Ferrero Group, one of the largest confectionery companies in the world, Tic Tac has been one of the markets leading breath mints. The Ferrero Group has 36 operating companies, 15 factories and almost 20,000 employees worldwide; making…show more content…
In addition to the new size and sugar free ingredients, Tic Tac Chill offered new flavors, Paradise Mint and Exotic Cherry. Lastly, Tic Tac was offered in new packaging. The new packaging had a wide slide-top opening which enables one-handed access for consumers in addition to its iconic clear, flip-top packaging. Having Introduced these three major changes to Tic Tac mints, consumers were now presented with completely new options, an essential move to reach out to customers. These new options allowed people with a diebetic diet a new option for breath mints. The launch of the new Tic Tac was a great opportunity for them to introduce their product to reach a vast variety of customers but because they were not quick enough to offer a breath mint to fit the needs of their "current" customers, they lost their spot at the number one breath mint provider. Constantly changing and altering your product is crucial for companies to remain relevant in their market. Altering the product itself many not always be enough; sometimes it is necessary for the packaging to change as well. When changing the Tic Tac product, there are multiple risks and benefits that are associated with it. One of the most palpable risks is experiencing negative feedback from customers who have been loyal to your brand. Whenever a product has greatly been changed, it can cause many consumers to become upset. When people find something they like, something that works

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