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The company I have chosen to base my assignment on is Taco Bell. It is a leading Mexican style fast-food chain serving tacos, burritos, signature quesadillas, Border Bowls®, nachos and other specialty items. Currently, Taco Bell serves more than 35million consumers each week in approximately 5,600 restaurants in the United States of America. It is recognized as the best Mexican fast-food chains in the United States of America (Yum! Brands, 2010). This fast-food chain plans on introducing its products in Malaysia.



Strengths refer to core competencies and positive attributes that give Taco Bell an advantage in meeting the needs of its consumers. The strength of Taco Bell is when it
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Threats. The threats include external factors that could put Taco Bell’s business at risk. In Malaysia, the main threat rises from its competitor in the same market which is McDonalds. Taco Bell needs to be constantly revising their prices and menus in order to keep up with McDonald’s offers (Fujinaka, 1996). Besides that, the new researches and the raised awareness among the publics about the harmful health impacts of fast food consumption is a threat to Taco Bell’s fast food menus. The ingredients such as sugar, oil and salt which are in the fast foods being offered, are thus consumed in low proportions by the aware and educated consumers (Taco Bell,2010).

MARKETING SEGMENTATION In Malaysia, Taco Bell should cater to a well defined target market in order to market their product successfully. The major bases for segmentation are geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral. The geographic positioning of any business is important in the success of a business. In Malaysia, Taco bell should be located in the heart of urban areas such at Kuala Lumpur or Georgetown where the population density is at its highest. Climate aspect of the location would not be an issue as the weather throughout Malaysia is considerably fine. In demographic segmentation, Taco Bell as a fast-food outlet should target mainly to teenagers and small kids as they are the ones who are either

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