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BU1008 Marketing Fundamentals – SP51 JCUS:
In-class Case Presentation (Tutorial - Group) and Written Case Study (Individual)

|Session/ Week |Content |Readings |Case Study |Case Study Questions to address in in-class presentation (group) and |Additional In-Class Tutorial Activities |
| | | | |written assignment (Individual) | |
|2 |Marketing planning |Chapter 14; | |FIRST TUTORIAL - IMPT to ATTEND
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| |
|4 |Market research |Chapter 3 |AVIS Car Rental in |Q1. What external forces or factors in the marketing environment might |Prior to the tutorial ALL students should visit the |
|Beg | | |Singapore |affect Singapore’s car rental market? (consider case mentioned factors |Foster’s Australia website http://fosters.com.au and |
| | | |Case on LearnJCU |and others.) Explain each factor and outline the possible impact it has|review the sustainability practices of this company. |
| | | | |or could have. (Maximum of 3 factors to be explained) |TAKE NOTES under the 4 areas on the site. |
| | | | |Q2. Using the case study information and visit the Avis Singapore |How do sustainable practices undertaken by Foster’s |
| | | | |website (www.Avis.com.sg), develop a SWOT analysis for AVIS Singapore.|impact on society? Relate to the
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