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Annexure - ‘ N ’ SYLLABUS ENTREPRENUERSHIP (066) CLASS-XII (2012-13) THEORY : Total marks:70 Unit I: * * * * * * Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Enterprise Creation20 Marks Sensing Entrepreneurial Opportunities Environment Scanning Market Assessment Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities Selection of an Enterprise Steps in setting up of an Enterprise Unit II: Enterprise Planning and Resourcing * * * Business Planning - Preparation of a Project Report Resource Assessment -Financial and Non - Financial Fixed and Working Capital Requirement, Funds, Flows, Profit Ratios, Break Even Analysis etc. * * 20 Marks Mobilising Resources - Sources and Means of Fund, Facilities and Technologies for starting an…show more content…
In a nutshell, the project report should lead to viable enterprise. b) Market Survey Report Market research is the process and technique of finding out who your potential customers are and what they want. The survey may be on products and services already available in the market or students may also conduct surveys for new products and services. The report of the survey should be organised under the following broad headings: 1. Objectives. 2. Methods and tools (interviews ,questionnaires etc.) to be used to collect information. 3. Records of data and information. 4. Analysis of data and information. 5. Interpretation and conclusion. For example, a survey may be conducted to find out the choice of households in toiletry soap, 301 tooth paste etc. The data may be analysed to establish a pattern that may be useful to an entrepreneur. Guidelines for assessment of Project Report / Survey Report 1. Presentation: Format, Clarity, Use of graphs, tables and other visuals, organisation, methodical recording of data and information and general neatness of execution. 2. Originality and Creativity 3. Authenticity of information and correctness of calculations and general feasibility of the project/ sustainability of conclusion drawn in the survey. 2. Viva Voce on the Project /Market Survey Report 5 marks 3 marks 2 marks 5 Marks The questions should establish that the report is

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