To Entice Customers To Take The Survey We Offered A $5

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To entice customers to take the survey we offered a $5 dollar discount towards any purchase with united sports. After they took the survey a promo code would be sent to their email that works with any purchase. This will allure the 265 people to take our survey. IV. FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS OF THE STUDY A. Findings of the research study The first question of the survey provided valuable information about our target markets. After reaching out to 265 customers, we received 76 completed surveys. By simply asking the age of United Sports customers, we found out which age demographics are most likely to work with us. While many of the United Sports league and tourney participants are children, we found that all 76 respondents are over the …show more content…

This question makes it clear that Facebook is an important part of many people’s lives. The following question asked people roughly how often they use Twitter. 5 customers stated that they use Twitter about once a month. 7 log onto Twitter about once a week. 15 use Twitter several times a week, 10 use it once a day, and 9 people use it several times a day. The other 30 do not use Twitter. This question indicates that Twitter, while less popular than Facebook, still plays a significant role in the social lives of people. Used almost exclusively on mobile format (tablets, smartphones etc.), it is important for a SoLoMo marketing campaign to heavily incorporate it, however the fact that is is less popular among United Sports’ customers implies that it is not as important as Facebook. The fourth question asked roughly how often people use Instagram. 1 person indicated they only go on about once a month. 2 people go on roughly once a week. 8 respondents log on several times a week, and 7 more go on about once a day. 12 customers use it several times a day, while 46 do not use it at all. This implies that Instagram is not as popular among United Sports’ customers as Twitter and Facebook, however, the people who do use it, are on more frequently than Twitter and Facebook users. A paid marketing campaign on the app at the very least worth looking into, and it would definitely be beneficial to create an official United Sports Instagram account

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