To Succeed One Must First Dream Essay

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What reveals one's inner desires? What motivates one to surmount all obstacles? What instigates one's ambition? What can bring fantasy into reality? Dreams. Dreams start off as seedlings that are planted in one's mind, and, as they grow, so does one's will to make them materialize. The process of turning a dream into reality is anything but short. Environmental factors influence dream development. When Mohandas Ghandi was growing up, he lived a charmed life in the merchant caste of India, yet this did not blind him to the atrocities inflicted onto the Indian people by the British empire. After witnessing and experiencing the racist and social darwinist policies of the British colonial government, he knew that he must put a stop …show more content…

Ghandi, after settling into his new home, began to realize how far away his dream was. In a unifying spirit, Ghandi worked for all Indians located in South Africa which included the wealthy muslims and the indentured servant hindus. He tried to act as a bridge which would narrow the divide between the castes and religions of the Indian community of South Africa. While facing the religious and class inequality within the Indian community, Mohandas faced the constant persecution of his people as a whole at the hands of the British. In one journey, he experienced ejection from a train because he would not move from the first class section which was for Europeans and being assaulted because he would not give up his stage coach seat to a European. Carnegie was not free from hardship either. After moving to America in prospects for a better life, he worked at a textile factory for a pittance of $1.20 a week for 72 hours of work. Though child labor was not preferable, Carnegie knew that to have his dream realized he would need to save money which would involve hardships. Outgrowing the textile mill, he then worked as a telegraph messenger which earned him almost double his textile job. Through this job, he was able to make connections with the important businessmen of Pittsburgh. During this time of low wages, the Carnegie family lived in one of the poorest regions of the country, the Alleghenies in Pennsylvania. At the hands of the heartless

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