To What Extent Does the Problem of Urbanization Can Be Met by Sustainable Development?

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To what extent does the problem of urbanization can be met by sustainable development?

For the past decades the trend of urbanization has rapidly increased, especially in developing countries. Urbanization may be defined as a process in which people from rural areas are migrating to the city. The sudden increase of the population in cities has brought significant problems to their inhabitants, the environment and resources. These problems are providing housing with basic facilities and public transport, mitigating the effect of pollution which is detrimental to the environment and people, and sustaining its development and resources. Sustainable development is defined in the Brundtland Report in Our Common Future as ‘development …show more content…

The first housing project was done during 1954 through 1964 it was the partial rehousing of squatter settlers from Shek Kip whose place was engulfed by fire; this embarked the establishment of elevated public settlement. The second housing project was done during 1964 through 1973 and made a large expansion on it at the edge of city area; this started the idea of planning the housing settlement outside the city. Finally, the housing project that they are currently building in New Towns in the New Territories; this project was first launch in 1973. This project will temporarily solve the scarcity in housing for it was only built for the present situation and did not consider the problem on housing that will arise in the future. Consequently, the government has no organized plan in addressing the squatting problem for they only act according to the situations and solved it in short-term basis. For example, they only resettle the homeless when their communities was engulfed by a fire, cleared the areas when it is needed for redevelopment or restricted it when it will be redeveloped for future use and they only rehouse those squatters who are registered or just relocate them to impermanent settlement. In addition, the current housing project they are building has an incorporated problem on transportation for it is located outside the city but most of job opportunities are still in the city; the success of this housing project is

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