Tokyo There Is The Epicenter For Style And Modern Culture Of Young Japanese People

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Out of all the fashion capitals of the world one of the most underrated would be Tokyo. People think because of their traditional and work oriented lifestyles they do not have a strong sense of style. This is far from the truth. In Tokyo there is a street called Harajuku which is the epicenter for style and modern culture of young Japanese people. Harajuku received its popularity in the early 1990’s by fashion photographer Shoi Aoki, who founded the magazine FRUiTS which opened up this cultural phenomena to the rest of Japan. This magazine depicted the unique fashion trends of this area. As Steele said in her book, Japan Fashion Now, “The Japanese ‘fashion revolution’ of the 1980’s dramatically transformed the world of fashion.” (Steele 1) And it truly has. Many Harajuku styles can be recognisable to the American viewer because of their heavy western influence. Harajuku is filled with different colors and textures that define each style. On the streets people will be wearing Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Kawaii, Punk, Ethnic Influences, and Ganguro styles. Each has its own distinct style that differentiate each from one another. They are all made up of heavy accessorizing and modest clothing. Although this is the rebellious area of fashion in Japan, these young people normally do not stray from the traditional modesty of their culture. From cutesy style to gothic styles not much skin, or sexuality will show. The most recognizable style in Harajuku has to be Lolita. The style is

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