Toronto Gender Roles

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At the University of Toronto, specific areas are regulated and represented using university safety protocols. This paper will highlight the attempt of the university to classify those specific areas and genders, including the connotations involved with the representations. A representation analysis of certain areas being an inherent danger to students will be presented with its implications. After, the gender binary will be analyzed through the safety protocol applying to students and how the rules can alter student behaviour, along with how the mythic structures incorporated in the representations can influence and be represented in the protocol.

The University of Toronto has a Student Life: Be Safe webpage. The webpage has a grid layout …show more content…

The danger issues include stalking, harassment, domestic and family violence. Bullying and suicidal thoughts, which can result from student interaction, are other issues the Community Safety Office addresses. The University of Toronto shows its understanding of the existence of as university members are people who commit minor assaults. Because the danger is not of serious crime, the university believes it can help its members. Relationships and interactions between students can be repaired through assistance programs provided by the institution, signifying that one’s colleagues are a threat to his or her safety. Self-defence, the next tab, is a proactive assistance program offered to students in case they are in a dangerous situation. However, the self-defence program poses gender implications.

The Self-Defence tab has a heading that reads, “Self Defence for Women.” Self-defence training is targeted towards only to women by providing a Wen-Do class, which is designed by women, for women. Self-defence programs for men are nonexistent. With Wen-Do classes being strictly for women, men are excluded. The exclusion promotes the idea that men cannot be victims and are actually the ones causing danger. Men are left unprotected by the community and must learn how to defend themselves without …show more content…

The tips act as a policy that recognize ongoing suspicious occurrences and advises students to always stay vigilant of their surroundings. The policy designates duty for the student to report suspicious behaviour, such as unauthorized personnel in unauthorized areas and abandoned parcels in unusual locations. The University of Toronto campus is a high-traffic area and any provided information can be helpful is preventing danger. Thus, the designation for students to report suspicious behaviour is reasonable. The policy prompts the concern of unknown people and objects through its representation of danger. On the contrary, students do not know every individual on the campus and it is unjustified to have a policy implying that every unknown person can act suspiciously. The policy suggests students should stray from their daily routine when they feel as if they are in danger. Students are encouraged to travel in groups as being alone increases vulnerability. Through representation, the university does not protect a vulnerable student. The university merely provides policies and tips for the vulnerable student and the onus is on the student to be educated with those policies. The policies exist for the students to use techniques to protect themselves against harm. It is the knowledge, knowing what action to take, which is their best bet on

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