Transformational Leadership : A Transformational Leader

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Leadership is the process of “communicating, motivating, encouraging and involving.” (PowerPoint 2) A leader who combines these vital characteristics will “inspire and motivate” subordinates to “help achieve group and organizational goals” (textbook) and are key ingredients to a successful organisation. Transformational leadership is one of the three main leadership styles adopted by managers. The book, Contemporary Management specifies the three main characteristics of transformational leadership are “Charisma, the ability to intellectually stimulate subordinates and the ability to engage in developmental consideration.” These thee characteristics will be further explained throughout with examples relating to Oprah Winfrey and Mark …show more content…

Charismatic leadership is an important leadership style within its self but is also seen as a key trait of transformational leadership as it allows the manager to project their energy in a stimulating manner. In turn inspiring subordinates for the greater good of the organisation and allowing them to achieve superior goals for a higher overall level of job satisfaction. Primarily the charisma of “transformational managers make subordinates aware of how important their jobs are for the organisation and how necessary it is for them to perform those jobs as best as they can...” (Textbook, chapter 7, page170) The key traits of inspiration, passion and confidence are prioritised rather than leading through the “power, control, or authority” of other types of leaders (5.)
The ability to be open and authentic enough for people around the leader to personally feel and be impacted by that leader’s passion. This is the sense that the leader has a direction and the energy to pursue it, and he is genuinely enjoying the pursuit. It is the feeling of confidence in the intention of the leader. Through this, people around that leader will also be inspired to take creative action toward the goal of the future.
5. Leaders can, through tapping their own inspiration and sharing it freely with people, engage with an organization in such a way as to liberate the organization to transform itself, when needed. The safety created through

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