Translation Essentials : Medical Translation Services

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Translation Essentials: Medical Translation Services

Medical translation is in a class of its own. All translations should be perfect, but few areas have consequences so dire as a mistranslated medical document. When there are misunderstandings, a patient 's health and welfare may be affected. It only takes a simple search on Google to show the number of serious injuries and deaths related to mistranslations in the medical field.

With success so essential, it pays to search out a translation service agency with the means to translate your information correctly, a history of effective translation, and a guarantee on their service. Medical translators are not just bilingual individuals with a desire to translate medical information, and they are certainly not agencies or individuals who run your documents through a computer along with a light edit. Professional medical translators must understand the terminology, audience, and culture prior to translating and editing your documents.

Terminology. A translator should be familiar with the field in which they are translating. This is especially true of medical translators. Medical terminology can be very challenging and is often very specific. Even a slight variation in wording could be the difference between life and death. For example, mild dementia should never be translated as light dementia. If an injection is to go into the muscle, a standard Spanish translation might note that the injection should be in the "muslo".

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