Transtheorical Model And The Stages Of Change Model

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Stages of Change applied to Running According to the Transtheorical Model and the stages of change, there are many different views on where a person is at when it comes to changing a behavior. Within the model there are six different stages; they are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination (Glanz, 2008). This examination will briefly describe those stages, how a person moves from one stage to another, and what stage this author is at and the process used to move from stage to stage.
Stages of Change Within behavior change, one is always in one definitive stage within the Stages of Change model (Glanz, 2008) and moving from one to the next, a person will need to display certain behaviors at each …show more content…

The example with myself and running was: I knew that I was gaining weight, but I wasn’t doing the needed exercise to combat the sedentary lifestyle I was living. The situation that moved me from this stage was the fact that my clothes were not fitting me any longer and this situation or “self-reevalautaion” was the turning point in which I moved from the precontemplation stage (Glanz, 2008; Norcross et al, 2011).
The next stage, contemplation, is a stage when some is thinking about changing their behavior within the foreseeable future. In regards to this assignment and the behavior change I chose, I did not stay in this stage for that long. I made up my mind and went directly into preparation.
Preperation stage is where one is developing a plan to change the behavior within the next month or so and how to reach the goals of that plan (Glanz, 2008; Norcross et al, 2011). For myself, this stage was very easy, I was at a point in my life where, with my experience, my knowledge about exercise and which ones to complete were readily available to my disposal. I came up with a plan and a schedule to follow within a couple of hours. Once I had the plan completed and choose that I was going to start in the next couple of days, I moved into the next stage, …show more content…

Termination stage is the hardest stage to reach for people in behavior change, but it is not impossible. This stage is the ultimate goal for everyone that is trying to change behavior, but it needs to a realistic goal that can be achieved. Within the goal that I have set for myself, with increasing my level of running to meet the standards of the five hours of moderate aerobic activity (CDC, 2015).
According to the Stages of Change model, currently I am within the action stage of the model moving towards the maintain stage. The process of change that I need to exhibit is staying at this level of exercise for the next couple of months without relapse. Hopefully, with the dedication that I have been putting forth I will be able to meet my goal and move into termination and have this become a regular routine that I

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