Travel And Travel Services: Advantages And Contrast Safaris

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This research is based on two companies, a travel agency company which is the Trazeem Travel and Tours and ThisAndThat Safaris a tour operator. Trazeem Travel and Tours specialize with both inbound and outbound tourism and their services includes air ticketing, hotel accommodation, packages and many more (see appendix). Their aim is to provide an unforgettable travel and holiday experience to their customers, their mission is to provide a high level service to their diverse customers and to set a standard of excellent in the industry and have a set of goals which includes quality deliverance, honesty and integrity (, 2017)
ThisAndThat Safaris specialize in outbound and domestic wholesale tour operator. They offer travel …show more content…

Also special interest tourists like families.
• Assess the value of ancillary products
According to Payal Chakravarthy (2016), ancillary services in travel and tourism are services that are provided which make the entire travel experience very comfortable, safe, secure and enjoyable. Trazeem offers most competitive rates for car rental (, 2017). They also offer a personal chauffeur especially for inbound tourists who are not well familiar into the country. They also provide information to the tourists’ which includes maps and directions, currency exchange rates and many more.
However ancillary products are there to support other sub-sectors which are accommodation, activities, attractions, accessibility and amenities. Trazeem offers accommodation and conference service and holiday and honeymoon packages which includes activities and viewing of different attractions.
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They advertise their sales through the website (, which is online marketing. Promotions and discounts are also advertised through their website. They also support their sales through the use of flayers, magazines, posters, brochures, puff-lets and also put adverts in newspapers.
• Assess the trends and factors that will affect travel agencies in the future
Technology affect travel agencies because some book directly from the service provider. This is referred as disintermediation. According to Techopedia, disintermediation cuts out the middleman by using the internet, companies and even manufacturers can deal directly with users or end consumers, which is significant factor in decreasing the cost of servicing customers. Travel agencies should consider reintermediation. Techopedia defines reintermediation as, “is the reintroduction of an intermediary between a goods producer and consumer”.
Also the lifestyle will affect travel agencies in the future. It can be affected by time scarcity, educational attainment and mobility. Some customers would not have time to go through the travel agencies, they would go straight to the supplier. In education people would need information hence they would have the ability to use technology. Also mobility, people with private motor vehicles can visit resort areas on their

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