Treatment Of Being Medication Induced

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So you figured out that you are not getting the shakes from too much coffee, but rather reactive hypoglycemia. Largely misunderstood by the medical community, hypoglycemia in the absence of being medication induced, can be difficult to control and requires extreme dedication to a controlled diet. Misinformation regarding how to control this condition is rampant online and even from primary care physicians. It is a rare condition that is not given much attention in medical school, other than in reference to induced hypoglycemic reactions in diabetics. It is not completely clear, but it is thought that a person with reactive hypoglycemia creates too much insulin in response to carbohydrates that are converted to glucose in the body. …show more content…

Most fruits are high in carbohydrates. The lowest carbohydrate fruits are berries of any kind. Blueberries, strawberries, and cranberries are an excellent choice compared to bananas, apples or pears. For protein, reactive hypoglycemics should choose beans, nuts, and meat. Lean meat is the preferable choice as beans and nuts contain carbohydrates. Most reactive hypoglycemics can tolerate nuts fairly well except in large quantities, but tolerance of beans, like whole-grain products and some vegetables, vary from person to person. Beans are considered high in slow-acting carbohydrates. Another important key to the reactive hypoglycemic diet is food combinations. It is imperative that every meal and snack contain a protein, good fats, and vegetable. For example, a healthy hypoglycemic-friendly meal might be a chicken breast cooked in olive oil, large leafy green salad with berries, peas (if you can tolerate their carbohydrate level) and cheese. Snacks between meals that can help control insulin release are cheese, nuts, meat, eggs, or plain yogurt. There are many levels of carbohydrate tolerance for reactive hypoglycemics. Everyone is different and must find what types of foods they can tolerate and what food combinations work for them. A few weeks after changing to a low-carbohydrate diet, most reactive hypoglycemics find their ailments related to the large insulin release and blood

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