Triangular Theory Of Literature Review On Robert Sternberg 's Love Theory

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Triangular Theory of Love- Literature Review on Robert Sternberg’s Love Theory Remember those stories your mother told about the moment you and your siblings were born and the doctors put you in her arms? She saw you and held you for the first time and instantly she fell in love. Or even after watching a Broadway show or a movie premiere for the first time, have you ever felt the experience of falling in love with a character or actor? Let us not forget about your longtime best friend, you know, the person who you view as more than a friend, but less than a lover? What are all these different types of love? How can one differentiate being in love from being infatuated from having love for someone? Although empirical research on the theory of love is scarce and limited because “love” is difficult to study and very subjective, Sternberg (1986) gives audience a clear understanding of the topic of love as he introduces the triangular theory of love. According to Sternberg, there are three components of love: intimacy, passion, and commitment. The following literature review is aimed to inform and give readers a better understanding of the different components of love, the sub-components of love, and the ideal love that romantic couples should aim towards. The Triangular Theory of Love deals with both, love in different types of relationships and the nature of love (Sternberg, 1986). As mentioned, Sternberg’s theory, states that love is derived from intimacy, passion, and

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