True Earth Case Study

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1. What factors led to the success of Cucina Fresca Pasta? How is the Pizza opportunity similar/different by comparison to the Pasta experience?
The following table compares pasta and pizza opportunity scenarios implying similarities, differences and also synergies between them (specifically for the pizza introduction). The PROS section of Pasta states the possible factors that lead to the success of Cucina Fresca. 2. Using the forecast model for Pasta used in Exhibit 5, what is your forecast for Pizza? Hint: Don’t neglect to use the data in Table B and Exhibit 7
Considering the information from Exhibit 7 and Table B, in addition to the assumption of the use of the same repurchase rates of pasta for the mediocre and average
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Therefore, customers perceive TruEarth concept as a better product, with superior qualities and benefits, than refrigerated/frozen pizza. However, the value proposition of TruEarth pizza is beneath of take-out pizza.
4. How do the results for Pizza in Exhibits 7 and 8 compare to those for Pasta in 3 and 4?
Purchase intentions for both, pasta and pizza, are shown in Exhibit 3 and Exhibit 7. Results shows that 76% of respondents would have the intention of buying Cucina Fresh pasta, which is higher than the 60% of purchasing intention for TruEarth pizza. Likewise, the mean likeability (4.1) and mean price/value rating (3.2) of Cucina Fresh are higher than the mean likeability (3.7) and mean price/value (3.0) of TruEarth pizza concept.
Now, an interesting fact is that 79% of the current customers of TruEarth are very interested in buying/trying the new pizza concept. Furthermore, the average likeability is 4.2 shown a strong acceptance for the new concept. This might be due to loyal customers and a strong brand image in the market.
Exhibit 4 and Exhibit 8 shows the performance of likes and dislikes of pasta and pizza concepts respectively. In general terms, pasta results were higher than pizza results. On the one hand, average respondents value freshly made and date pasta (38%), easy to prepare pasta (21%) and recognize favorably TruEarth brand name when associated with pasta (33%).
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