Tuberculosis or TB is a Bacterial Infection Spread through the Bloodstream

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Tuberculosis or TB is a bacterial infection that spreads through the bloodstream and is commonly found in the lungs ( This infection is highly contagious can spread rapidly through air, but remain undetected because the bacteria can live in the body in an inactive form ( This disease originated in Russian prisons, where inmates would be malnourished, alcoholics, and smokers (Willumsen & Shinefield, 2001). Since the bacteria lives in the body in the inactive form, people who are exposed and may have TB never develops any symptoms ( The bacterium becomes active when the immune system weakens ( The active form of TB can result in coughs, sneezes, and spits (
Although this infection is airborne and contagious, it is not easy to catch. If you are exposed to someone daily that has the active form of TB, then you are more likely to catch it from him or her, than a stranger ( TB can only be spread in the active form; those with the inactive form cannot spread the infection until the disease becomes active ( Tuberculosis can be treated with antibiotics, which were developed in the 1950s ( However, Uncle Lou was right about TB becoming antibiotic resistance, due to the new form of TB that has resurfaced. People with the active and inactive form should seek medical treatment because those with the inactive state can get rid of the inactive bacteria with medication before it becomes active

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