Tuck Northrop Leadership

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Tuck Northrop should receive the Beard Award because I truly cannot think of a person who is as caring and kind as he is and also excels in so many areas. I’m a junior at Fairfield Ludlowe High School, and though Tuck is not one of my academic teachers, he coaches me in both the fall and spring on our high school sailing team.

Though I was only a freshman and had not experienced the team pre-Tuck, everything I had heard of the past years was only negative. But from the second Tuck arrived as our coach, the team has been on a continuous incline to some of the best years that the Fairfield Sailing Team has experienced in its existence. We do have a few good sailors on the team from their own past experience, but I definitely credit Tuck’s coaching
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There is not a single coach out there who cares about his sailors more than Tuck. I have been on many teams in the past, and not one coach dedicates as much time or care into the team as Tuck does. In the three years that he has been our coach so far, we have greatly increased our team building activities off the water, which has ultimately made the team stronger than ever in its overall chemistry, disregarding just our skills and knowledge of the sport. Tuck also knows each of the team members very well individually, which allows him to pick the best team pairings and also teach us based on our individual personalities, goals, and weaknesses. He wants each one of us to succeed more than anyone I know, and is willing to do everything he possibly can in order to help us on our own personal paths to success in sailing, academics, or more. I have no doubt that Tuck knows each of his students just as well in the classroom as he does on our team, allowing him to interact with both his students and us much more easily than other teachers. His ability to unite all of the team members enables our success overall to have reached our current achievements and hopefully even more in the future.

While these two highlights of Tuck’s personality and ideals demonstrate very well the type of person he is, he has so many more great qualities including his generosity, ambition, and fun-loving nature. Though
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