Types And Types Of Journaling Essay

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Out of all the investments in life we make, whether they be financial, spiritual or relationship investments, the most important investment we can make is an investment in ourselves. One way to commit to this investment is through daily or weekly journaling. As Hiemstra (2001) Stated, journaling is “an investment in yourself through a growing awareness of personal thoughts and feelings”(p.23). The awareness of one’s thoughts and feelings is very important to monitor as one can become stuck in a cycle of rumination. Focusing ones attention on emotional and cognitive aspects means this rumination can be avoided by bringing acceptance to past emotions. Journaling helps this cycle of rumination by setting realistic expectations for ourselves and by providing solutions. One of the most beneficial styles of journaling would be journaling about future personal goals, which can have the effect to bring a certain self-awareness to an individual. Other beneficial styles of journaling include expressing gratitude for the positive aspects in our lives and reminiscing about past positive experiences. The cycle of Rumination and Journaling In order to find this self awareness as stated by Hiemstra there needs to be thinking, talking and writing about situations or experiences whether they be negative or positive. With thinking, talking and writing we are able to process these thoughts and feelings. Thinking about specific situations that may be stressful although deemed necessary and

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