Types And Types Of Pneumothorax

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Pneumothorax occurs when air gets into the pleural space between the two layers, and separates them. Majority of the time only part of the lung collapses, except for in severe cases the whole lung can collapse, therefore it is emptied of air. The types of pneumothorax being discussed are primary spontaneous pneumothorax, secondary traumatic pneumothorax, iatrogenic pneumothorax, and open or tension pneumothorax. Along with the discussion of the pathophysiology, the topics such as diagnostic tests and primary diagnosis, pharmacological interventions, vulnerable groups, and the nursing diagnosis are also examined.
Primary spontaneous pneumothorax, occurs unexpectedly in healthy people, and it is often caused by the rupture of blebs which are blister-like formations, on the visceral pleura. Around ten percent of people affected with this have a family history of primary pneumothorax that was linked to mutations in the folliculin gene which influences cell-cell adhesion, (Huether & McCance, 1254). Bleb rupture can occur during rest, sleep, or even exercise. Secondary traumatic pneumothorax can be caused by chest trauma such as a gun shot wound, stab wound, surgery, or rib fracture. Iatrogenic pneumothorax is usually caused by transthoracic needle aspiration. Symptoms of iatrogenic pneumothorax are similar to those of a spontaneous pneumothorax and depend on the age of the patient, the presence of underlying lung disease, and the extent of the pneumothorax,
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