Types Of A Single Celled Organisms

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1. Domain bacteria- Single celled organisms, ( otherwise known as prokaryotic cells) that do not have a membrane protecting the cell. Bacteria can be found almost everywhere in the world.

Domain eukarya- All organisms grouped within the domain eukarya are also considered single celled. Eukaryotic cells are specifically grouped by the things each organism lives off, or by the things they eat individually.

Domain archaea- Along with bacteria the domain archaea is a prokaryote cell meaning it consists of one single cell. However archaeal organisms can be found in areas where the earth 's most intense natural resources are present. Areas including Yellowstone National park where there are many geysers along with places including Hawaii.

2. Kingdom Protists- these organisms solely do not depend on themselves to create food but on other living things.

Kingdom plante- this kingdom is made up of plants. Plants survive solely on photosynthesis. This basic way of nutrition.

Kingdom fungi- unlike the kingdom plante the members of the kingdom fungi, survive and live off of what is found in the soil beneath us. Fungi are considered to be decomposes meaning they decompose dead organisms which therefore becomes the food for their cells.

Kingdom Animalia- Humans are considered to be classified under the kingdom Animalia. Humans and many other animals eat other living organisms unlike the kingdom fungi. We survive on eating other living things.
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