U.s. Consumer Product Safety Commission

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, have to protect the consumer from dangerous risk of injury of death that is associated with many kind of consumers products under the agency’s jurisdiction ( 2015). There have been many deaths and it has caused the world trillions of dollars annually, there has also been chemical and mechanized hazards, Products has worked hard to make sure all products are safe (Seaquist, 2012). Products recalled include Toys, Cribs, tools, Cigarettes lighter and household chemicals, the product safety have to make sure that there is a decline in death and injuries that has been associated with bad products ( The federal law has made sure that people do not sell products that are subject to voluntary recall by manufactures or mandatory recall, which is ordered by the commission. In the final analysis everything is based on making sure the consumer is protected, it is all based on safety ( The Product safety Act were established 1972 in congress the safety acts guarantees safety for consumer’s products. The CPSC is another independent administration that makes sure rules and regulations are followed with the safety of all products, they enforce very strict guidelines for consumer safety. The were established to make sure that there are no unreasonable injuries or death, to make sure the manufactures tread the straight and narrow. The product safety act forces

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