UNIT 4222 205

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UNIT 4222-205 PRINCIPLES OF SAFEGUARDING AND PROTECTION IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE (HSC 024) Outcome 1 Know how to recognize signs of abuse 1.1 The types of abuse can be: Physical: is non-accidental use of force against any person that results in physical pain, injury, impairment or confinement. Signs of physical abuse are, injuries that are consistent with physical abuse, present of several injuries of a variety of ages, Injuries that have not received medical attention, a person being taken to many different places to receive medical attention, Skin infections, unexplained weight changes or medication being lost, behavior that indicates that the person is afraid of the perpetrator, change of behavior or avoiding the perpetrator. …show more content…

Some of them no even can´t talk so is very difficult to communicate any abuse. Outcome 2 Know how to respond to suspected or alleged abuse 2.1 if i suspect someone is being abused i will talk in private, mentioning some of the things that concern me, if is right that the person is being abused I will ask them what they want to do, advise my manager about the situation and inform about they will need help, taking a note about what person is saying and asking when, who, where. Will inform my manager and search for help 2.2 If someone told me they are being abused, I will stay calm and listen to them and take what am are being told seriously. I will assure the individual that he/she did the right thing by telling me about the allegations. I will write down what the person tells me using their own words. I will offer support stop the abuse happening. I will ask them what they want me to do. I will inform the person I will have to share what they have told me with others who will be helping out. I will also inform the person that they are organizations that can help to stop the abuse. I

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