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Move and position individuals in accordance with their care plan.

1.1 Anatomy: The physical structure of the body.
Physiology: The normal functions of the body.

When moving and positioning an individual it is important to ensure they are not moved more than their body is capable of, as muscles can only move bones at the joint as far as the joint allows. It is also important to move and handle correctly to ensure nerve fibres are not damaged as they are delicate structures and also important as they send impulses to muscles which enables the muscles to contract and relax. When an individual is moved and positioned it is important this happens smoothly. Sudden movements or pulling in any direction of an individual’s limbs or …show more content…

The environment – Enough room to complete the activity, check floor surfaces are level, dry and free from obstacles.
The person you are assisting – What they can do for themselves that you have asked their permission for the move and taken into account their preferences, needs and wishes, you are using the correct equipment for the individual which has been checked before use.
Yourself and others – Have you received moving and handling training for the activity you need to carry out, wearing suitable clothing to perform the activity (clothing needs to allow for free movement) wearing supportive and well-fitting footwear. It is important for infection control to wash hands before and after the activity and that you are wearing the correct PPE as per company policy.
Equipment to be used – Before using any equipment it is vital you check the equipment is available, clean, in good condition, in good working order, the right piece of equipment for the activity you need to carry out as well as the right piece of equipment for the individual, the correct number of people are there to use the equipment and that you do not use any equipment you have not been trained to use.
5.3 Aids and equipment that may be used for moving and positioning include: Hoists, there are two main types ceiling hoists which are fixed to the ceiling and run along a track, they take up less room then a portable hoist and

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