Understanding Sensation As A Process

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Understanding sensation as a process where physical stimuli or feeling sent from sensory organs to our brain, I could relate the information of module 5 with my everyday experience. Learning the principal methods of operation of audition, vision, touch, taste and smell help me to obtain a deeper knowledge about our sensory organs and their interaction with stimuli, sensors, and our brain. Also, I gained a more valuable understanding of placebo effects and their implications in mental processes. I could appreciate more the complex proportions of pain and consider pain as an intricate process. With all the material and details earned in module 5, I can apply the information personally, socially and professionally.

A lot of information acquired by human beings from the environment or external world is recognized by our senses. These sense organs are eye, ears, nose, skin and tongue. They are immensely important to our quotidian life because they receive, process, and interpret all the information from our surroundings and its dangers. Besides, they connect us with the world outside and help us to gain a profound conception of the world. I could learn that sensation and perception play complementary roles, but they are involved in different functions. Sensation is the process by which a stimulated receptor creates a pattern of neural messages that represent the stimulus in the brain. ” In other hand, “ Perception is the mental process that elaborates and assigns meaning
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