Unethical And Illegal Protocols Merely For Their Own Job Performance

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Leaders can choose many routes to go, in order to sustain their own job performance and additionally, to show other colleagues what exemplary work involves. On the contrary, they can also be horrible bosses and horrible leaders who essentially follow unethical and illegal protocols merely for their own benefit. In the end, this disgraces the organization along with all of its leaders and employees. Nonetheless, everyone makes mistakes and has their strengths and weaknesses which is completely fine. It becomes a problem when these mistakes involve unethical acts. It becomes even more of a problem when these unethical acts include embezzlement and fraud because that involves breaking the law and stealing. Many times without any shame, it can …show more content…

United Way of America is a non-profit organization that works with other charities and helps with support and fundraising by looking at factors such as education, lifestyle, and financial stability (Vision). William Aramony, who was the CEO at the time, was convicted of ransacking $1.2 million which he used in order to live his lavish lifestyle. Large non-profits like these generally tend to have a lot of revenue along with a lot of expenses, thus is it easier to put money aside and use them for “expenses” which is exactly what Aramony did. Assessing this issue and understanding its importance from a Public Administration perspective is quite essential. This is because Public Administration heavily correlates with ethics and perspects following all protocols of ethics. Essentially, the private sector also gives importance to ethics but there is a major difference; the private sector is deprived of the public servant ideology and heavily focuses on making profits rather than serving the public. They do not really have much of an agenda on ethics and focusing on a public cause. Furthermore, all sectors whether government, non-profit or for-profit sector, all focus on moving up the scale and all of them do include bureaucracy where there are hierarchal decisions are made which essentially are deemed as biased. Moving up the scale is not necessarily getting a promotion, or having a high position, rather it can include new ways of making money. Often these ways are

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