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Unilever Brazil: Case Write-Up on Marketing Strategies for Low-Income Consumers Questions 1.Should Unilever target the NE segment? Is the segment attractive and can Unilever compete? What are the pro’s and con’s? According to the Unilever Brazil case, Unilever already had an 81% share of the Brazil detergent market which far exceeds than its strong competitor Procter& Gamble’s 15% share. However, it is facing a real threat that P&G Brazil may draw on worldwide R&D and marketing expertise is closing up and will attack in low-income segment in the Northeast of Brazil. What’s more, there is no other way to expand Unilever Brazil in detergent market and growing number of small local brands targeted at low-income consumers…show more content…
Which attributes should be eliminated also is a problem to argue. Choosing the wholesale price is another crucial decision for Unilever. Pricing too high or too low would be produce different problems. 2.Evaluate Unilever’s current brand portfolio. Is a new brand necessary to serve this segment or could Unilever reposition one of its existing brands or simply launch a brand extension? If you think a new brand is necessary, write its positioning statement and choose its name. As the national leader of clothes washing Unilever’s brand portfolio - Minerva is already situated in the market as both a laundry soap and detergent powder. This gives the brand a unique advantage to position itself as a line of products that cater to the clothes washing of the residents in the Northeast. - But Minerva 3.Design the marketing mix. Choose the price, promotion (objectives, message and mix), product (formulation and packaging), and distribution that will allow Unilever to create and capture value for low-income consumers in NE Brazil. Product: According to the case, the cheapest product Campeiro (wholesale price:$1.70)do not provide the attributes that demanded by the NE segment .Unilever could produce a new brand-S, which could not only comparable to Camperio, but also meet the requirements of low-income consumers.(Unilever may also launch a brand which

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