Unit 11: Principles of Personal Development in Adult Social Care

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UNIT 11: Principles of personal development in adult social care

Learning outcome 1 – Understand how to reflect on practice in adult social care

To practice reflectively involves being able to think about an event after it happened, critically evaluate your actions and make adjustments if necessary.
In reality the people you work with are all different. Some find it harder than others. This is largely connected to the need to be seen to be doing the right thing.
Reflective practice is not criticism. It is being open and honest about your strengths and areas for development.

Reflective practice is imperative in order to ensure that high standards are kept continuously as circumstances and environments change. In order
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It can be compared to doing your own annual evaluation at work, but on a frequent basis, always striving for improvement.
For example: I monitor my processes, practices and outcomes of my work, evaluate my own performance. I reflect on my interactions with others. and share my reflections with others and incorporate their feedback in my evaluation

Own values; you may come to find that you’re working shifts you don't like etc. and not be able to do anything about it. Such events happening often lead to disagreements with how your boss sees things and how work is managed.
Belief systems; Many times people have been told not to bare a cross about their person whilst on duty or have a symbol showing. Many companies now feel this form of self-expression is off putting and it's even been stated by companies that religious symbols are not part of their uniform.
Lots of people are better suited to working for themselves, which isn't always about an inability to follow orders, it can be for many reasons.

Learning outcome 2 – Understand the importance of feedback in improving own practice.

Constructive feedback is feedback that is helpful. Some people might not like what they hear and choose to ignore it; others might take on board what they have done poorly and the advice on how to improve their practice.
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