Unit 2 Business Resources D1

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D1 – Part 1
In this part of work I will be evaluating what the costs and benefits of managing resource are. The resources I will be concentrating on will be the physical, human and technological.
Physical resources
There are many physical resources in all Sainsbury stores. These are mainly the equipment and tools that are used when serving and providing for all their customers. Every worker at Sainsbury’s should manage the equipment in every store by frequently cleaning the store and the equipment and the managers should make sure that the equipment is fully working and fix any problems with them or call in maintenance if any equipment or tools are damaged/faulty. If say a shelf is not kept clean there can be built ups of dust and decay which
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Sainsbury’s heavily rely on their human resources to keep the business profitable. It is important for them to manage human resources as employee performance directly disturbs the performance of the business. Sainsbury’s can manage their human resources through training and regular appraisals. Doing that will improve the development and effectiveness of the employees which will then improve the business performance. If it is not managed then some staff may lose their interest in their job and also lose track of the correct procedures and pick up bad habits. For example, not providing their customers with any help that they may require. This would then be wasting the company’s money as they would be paying the staff to damage the stores reputation and push away customers. Difficulties with managing human resources can be that it’s expensive to train workers and staff could lose confidence and motivation if they think that they are doing their job right but other people are telling them that they are doing it wrong. If you concentrate on your customer’s way more than your employees then you might be pushing your staff away by decreasing their productivity which would lead to a negative customer service and the loss of
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