Unit 2 - Business Resources Merit/Distcinction

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Merit/Distinction Analyse how the management of human, physical and technological resources can improve the short and long term performance of an organisation. Human resources An organisation needs human resources (HR) as its essential due to the fact its covers recruitment and retention. The reason why recruitment is so important is that businesses such as Tesco need the people with the right skills to do their jobs. If Tesco let’s say are recruiting a new floor manager they will only employ individuals with specific skills and criteria this may also be based upon experience, so they will test people applying with unique strategies. It may be hard for Tesco to acquire this member of staff so they advertise the job role using…show more content…
The Employment Rights Act 1996 requires that certain terms and conditions must be set out in a single document - this can be a written "contract of employment" or a written "statement of the main terms and conditions of employment". The written terms and conditions will contain both statutory and contractual rights, that is, both those protected by law and those negotiated directly between the employer and the employee or representative. A written statement must be provided to employees within two months of starting work. Obligatory inclusions, all such contracts or statements must contain the following: * The names of the employer and the employee * The date on which employment began and when continuous employment began (For example any previous employment which counts towards continuous service) * The rate of pay, intervals of payment and any other benefits * The hours of work * The holiday entitlement * The place of work and the address of the employer * The job title and a brief description of the role * The period for which employment (if temporary) is expected to continue * Any collective agreements affecting terms and conditions (For example employment issues pre-agreed between employer and trade unions affecting all workers) * Terms relating to sickness, notification of sickness, pay relating to this period and rules relating

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