Business Level 3 Unit 27 D1

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Risk Assessment | Risk Hazard | Action | Done By | Laptop Door | Lock on door | Move the laptops or fix the lock | Manager | Overloaded Electrics | Overloaded Electrics, could blow up, loss of power or electric shock | Get extra extensions | Manager | Microwave + Kettle bought from Home | Might not be Safe | Needs checking by electrician | Manager | Poor storage on Cupboard top | Could fall and hurt staff members | Provide proper storage, for example filing cabinet/cupboard | Manager | Broken Coat Stand | Could fall over and hurt staff or damage property | Replace with locker or cupboard | Manager | Lone Working | Employee could get stressed and no interaction | Rearrange staff or rota staff to make sure that …show more content…

The business could provide employees with a peg or a proper coat hanger which is safer and better for the business. This also has less chance of a hazard occurring, the manager should also provide the employees with cupboards or lockers for employees to put their personal things in, this is

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