United States Military Values Dictate How We Live Our Lives

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SSG Kathryn G Rylander
SFC Maradol

Basic United States Military values dictate how we live our lives. There is no line drawn between the Marine Corps and the Army or the Navy and the Air Force. We all live and breathe by these values. The United States of America’s fighting force is supposed to stick together. There is rivalry but also comraderie. When there is a scandal within our fighting force, it affects us all, every one of us. From the added training that we all have to participate in to the lowered morale and lack of trust by the men and women impacted directly by it. Marines United’s name is misleading, it did not
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While he was still a member of Marines United, he made screen shots demonstrating the members’ behavior, including a link to a cloud storage site containing more than 2,500 images of women in stages of undress or engaging in sexual acts. When a reporter asked if he ever saw any member voice concern or suggest the Marines should not be treating their fellow troops in such a way, LaPorta said no. “Never, not once did I see that.” There are several offshoot Marines United groups. When one group shuts down, several more take its place. The veterans who run these groups are no longer subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and do not seem concerned at all about invading the privacy of unsuspecting women. Several members have gone so far as to taunt law enforcement and NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service). Veterans boasted that they were outside NCIS jurisdiction. One posted a picture of his discharge paperwork with the caption, “Come at me, NCIS”. The Marine Corps and NCIS credit Thomas Brennan, who founded the military new site, The War Horse, reporting the original group page to the authorities. The group kicked Brennan out and he was soon met with threats. The group accused Brennan of forsaking his fellow Marines and suggested that he be water boarded, infected with AIDS, and raped. Someone went so far as to offer a bounty for images of Brennan’s “girl”, with another saying that the world would be a better place if Brennan “turned up dead in
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