Units 4 & 5 Career Guidance Interviews

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Unit 4 and 5 Evaluate the purpose of different types of career guidance interviews Evaluate methodologies to explore the career guidance and development needs of clients Corney and Watts (1998) define information and advice as; ‘providing an immediate response to the needs of clients who present an enquiry or reveal a need that requires more than a straightforward information response. Advice is usually limited to helping with the interpretation of information and with meeting needs already clearly understood by the client…’ Advice and information is therefore concerned with meeting client’s presenting issues relating to information. The OECD (2004:10) definition of guidance is; ‘Career guidance refers to services and…show more content…
This has meant that new approaches have to be made so that clients can access a type of interview at a time and in a place to suit them. To meet individual needs this has meant me offering telephone guidance or home visits to accommodate their requirements. I have also signposted them to online services such as webinars about CV building and networking and useful clips as well as online chats with prospective employers. I also offer events that may give them additional options and opportunities. I have also had to discuss the timing of one to one support with clients, as some prefer to have the interview in the early stages of resettlement to point them in the right direction, whereas others like to carry out their own research and start to make plans and use the interview to reassure them and challenge their options to get more out of it. This also means I can tailor my advice and guidance to the career path they are considering. Careers guidance interviews in general are evolving in different sectors, for example in Higher Education they have moved from having hour long individual one to ones and evolved into ensuring individuals have access to information and group work. I am now going to look at five types of interview and approaches that can be taken for different reasons;

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