Use Of Cloud Based Erp On Cloud And Its Opportunities And Challenges

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Erp has almost been used by the big corporates in today’s world without any exceptions. Cloud has helped them in further strengthening the spread and use of the ERP.

In second Part we have discussed about the Erp on cloud and its opportunities and challenges. We have also included the recommendations for the companies for the use implementation and further enhancement of the use of cloud based ERP.

In third part we talk about the enterprise 2.0 system being used by the companies. We have analysed the present uses of the companies on these systems. Three of the motivation for the employee and challenges for the employees have been analysed for the enterprise 2.0 . Recommendation for managers to overcome these issues has also been included.

Appendix indicating the various supports for the content has also been included.

Knowledge Management and Information Systems Strategy

2. Opportunities and challenges of Cloud based ERP:-

Cloud based ERP is just the same Erp but on cloud. All the provision of resources, software, applications and information services are on cloud i.e.) internet. Cloud ERP increases capacity in the same infrastructure that an organization has. Cloud computing has gained acceptance and is in great demand for the work it does across the industries.

Types of Cloud:-

A. Public Cloud
B. Private Cloud
C. Hybrid Cloud
D. Community cloud

The Erp may be used on premise…
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