Use Of Cloud Computing Technology On Business And Educational Organizations

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Chapter 3: The use of cloud computing technology in business and educational organizations. In this chapter, the researcher describes how the businesses and educational organizations use cloud-computing technology and how they benefit from using it. In addition, the researcher also covers the advantages of cloud computing from an economic perspective. Then, the researcher will give an explanation of how cloud computing technology relates toward intercultural communication in the organization. The last point the researcher will discuss is the information technology rules of cloud computing for firms and educational organizations by governing cloud computing in the institution. 3.1 Cloud computing for commercial organizations For commercial organizations, cloud computing does not mean putting all data information in virtual storage on the Internet network such as iCloud, which is serviced by the Apple Company. Cloud computing in commercial organization means the firm and business to gain lower barriers to entry into business because of cost –effectiveness in IT, the ability can grow faster, the significant scalability and flexibility of IT-bases and cloud services. On the other hand, the cloud computing technology is not a miracle service, which always benefits every business (Colt, 2014, n.p.g.). Consequently, any commercial organization has to consider the different needs, of a company 3.1.1. Cloud computing technology use in business Cloud computing is Internet-based
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