Use Of Data Analytics On Diabetes Control And Detection Essay

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THE USE OF DATA ANALYTICS IN DIABETES CONTROL AND DETECTION Paul O Sullivan, DIT Kevin Street. (current knowledge and findings) ABSTRACT Every 5 minutes 2 people die and 14 more adults are diagnosed with diabetes. Because of this there has been and continues to be a lot of research into diabetes and how best to control and detect it. Data analytics is key to this research due to its positivism and pragmatic approaches. With the incidence of diabetes growing each year, (Onkamo et al. (1999)) detection and control will become more important. The aim of this paper is discuss the methods and some of the research already conducted to try improve on this research or discover new research areas in diabetes control and detection. Many aspects of Diabetes control are all about the individual and can’t be applied globally eg, exercise diet. Aggressive monitoring and control is important but ultimately prevention is the main goal. What advice patients are given by their clinical nurses or consultants is very important and needs to be carried out by the patient on an ongoing basis and not just I week before and 1 week after a clinic appointment. This is an area where I think Data analytics can help improve individuals control. "Obviously what happens in their doctors ' offices is very important, but they need to carry out what they plan in their doctors ' offices throughout the year." Dr. Edwin Fisher, global director of Peers for Progress at the American Academy of Family
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