Using Mobile Technology And Its Impact

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Today’s workforce has changed dramatically compared to the past. One aspect of this change is in terms of work-life balance, particularly in the realms technological development and globalization, and their combined effect on the modern workforce. These aspects are responsible for the transformation of the traditional work week, especially in fields where the work is done through the use of computers and technologically advanced machinery, as well as jobs that can be relocated in third world countries. The introduction of new technologies such as mobile devices, portables, and the internet has accelerated the work pace to obsession over efficiency and precision. Consequently, this adds pressure on managers and employees, forcing them to take their work home and causing a deterioration in their quality of life. However, the exact degree of this change from the past remains to be well studied and researched. To further evaluate this claim, 11 subjects were interviewed about the use of mobile technology and its impact. These interviews targeted managers of all levels and of different years of experience. These findings are also supported by using the theory of the economist Frederick Herzberg, as well as from Robert Tannenbaum and Warren Schimidt, and other articles and studies done in the business world. Technology as an Important Tool The introduction of new technologies, like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, portable devices and the new pervasiveness of the internet, has
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